Empress Ella

A classically trained hypnotist and student of ancient magics, Empress Ella is both woman of the revolution and delicate fairy-tale princess come to life.  Decadent, feminine & whimsical, this lifelong fetishist specializes in all manner of dollification & genderkink.  A master creator, she enjoys moulding her sweet dollies & bouncy Barbie bimbos to plastic perfection through training, coercion and ongoing physical/behavioural modification.


December 23 (Capricorn)




General Availability

Ella has relocated to the UK but will be visiting Toronto a couple of times a year and taking bookings during her visits. We will post her travel dates here when we have them 

SPecialties Offered

Sissification, Erotic Hypnosis, Spanking, and Foot Worship


"W-o-w. Still reeling from O/our time this morning - especially every time I sit down. It felt empowering and cathartic thanks to your extremely fun style of domination, as we stuck it to gender norms throughout our play. Playing with You taught me that this kind of experience is integral to being truer to myself."