Lady Henry

Lady Henry is an intense, seductive, and insatiably creative Dominant. A single glance into her penetrating smoky eyes will drop you deep into the rabbit hole of subspace. She loves the psychological challenge of kink, the erotic power of whispered words to tease the imagination, and enjoys savoring the subtle (and not so subtle) ways in which the bodies of Her submissives communicate.


February 6 (Aquarius)

Most Sought After For

Role Play, Incorporation of Unconventional Items into Kink, Dirty Talk

General Availability

Variable with Notice


Skilled in some other basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play. Please inquire for details.


“Lady Henry is an excellent representative of The Ritual Chamber and I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Her. She was prepared for O/our session, got way into character for the role play, and exceeded my expectations coming in.” G.