Master Wolfgang

This no-nonsense leather-clad Sir spares no rod nor spoils no sub. Offering a variety of skills, scenes, and sessions, he is focused, strict, and in control – an iron fist in a leather glove. Whether you are a novice kinkster learning to surrender control or a seasoned sub that relishes serving an all-powerful alps, Master Wolfgang will put you through your paces on an erotic journey through your dreams and nightmares. (Personal pronouns: He/Him).


December 17 (Sagittarius)

Most Sought After For

Flogging, Role Play, Fisting

General Availability

Variable with Notice


Skilled in some other basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play. Please inquire for details.


“Your openness during O/our session confirmed my beliefs that the chance to share some incredible energy was possible. Please enjoy the rest of Your night knowing You have made mine mind-blowing.” J.