Matron Maron

The power of fantasy is what drives Matron Maron. A firm believer that everyone deserves to explore their sexuality to the fullest, Maron is an experienced sadist who will delight in using your desires against you, rewarding obedience with ecstasy, and punishing transgressions without mercy. The more of yourself you give to Maron, the more tightly you’ll be bound; anything you say can and will be used against you.


March 15 (Pisces)

Most Sought After For

Foot Worship, Creative Bondage, Impact play

General Availability

Evenings and Weekends


Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.


“Matron Maron is fierce, in the best, richest sense of the word, and also playful, fun and caring.  Her eyes swept me away so rapidly to a completely new area of subspace that I felt like I was falling.  Her expertise and empathetic touch, so communicative it was verging on electrical current, brought me even deeper.” – B.