The Ritual Chamber dungeon was founded in 2014 by award-winning professional dominatrix and kink educator Shahrazad after over 12 years working in the industry. It’s first incarnation was a spacious loft storefront in the West Junction area of Toronto and now occupies the main floor of a century-old house in High Park. To date, hundreds of power exchange fantasies have been enacted and explored within the walls of its authentic and immaculate theme rooms.

Shahrazad’s vision of elevating professional BDSM to a higher level of service provision extends beyond the creation of an exceptional space. The team of professionals that she hand-picks are lifestyle players who have a genuine personal investment in BDSM and kink. They know firsthand how challenging it can be to be honest about these desires because they have each gone through a similar process of coming to terms with their own. They also understand the most important part of the world of power exchange – the psychology of it.


We believe strongly that the complementary but opposing roles explored within erotic power exchange are symbiotic. Both Dominant and submissive are powerful in their own unique ways, and the experience that the two consensually engage in together should become greater than the sum of its parts, fulfilling both deeply.

Whether you visit The Ritual Chamber for a session, an event, a consultation, kink counselling, or any of our other services, we hope the experience becomes a memorable milestone in your own personal journey into kink.