Play Sessions

Please inquire for rates for sessions longer than 4 hours, overnight/multiple day sessions, and sessions involving more than two Dominants.

One Dominant

1 hour - $350.00

1.5 hours - $500.00

2 hours - $650.00

2.5 hours - $800.00

3 hours - $950.00


Multiple Dominants

Receive a $50.00 discount off a second Dominant’s regular fee.

Consultation Sessions

Helpful for meeting and discussing your interests with a Dominant you are potentially interested in before committing to a play session.

1 hour - $225.00

Sexuality/Kink Counselling

Headmistress Shahrazad is available and professionally qualified to advise individuals or couples who are struggling with issues pertaining to unconventional or alternative sexual desires.

Single: 1 hour - $225.00

Couple or Triad: 1 hour – $250 .00

Phone/Distance/Skype Training

Not offered by every Dominant on staff. Staff set their own rates. Please contact us for details.

Private Rental of the Ritual Chamber

Rent out The Ritual Chamber and you have the entire facility to yourselves – not just one of the rooms. Spend an hour or a whole afternoon!

Contact us for details. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse rental or repeat rental at the owner’s discretion.

$100.00 per hour