Headmistress Shahrazad

Headmistress Shahrazad is an award-winning Dominatrix of mixed Middle Eastern and European descent, with over 17 years of experience playing cat and mouse games within the complex psychological realm of power exchange. Her cunning mind, seductive prowess, endless creativity and empathic sensitivity have boggled the minds and won over the loyalty of many a submissive over the years. Caution: Highly addictive.

Experience in BDSM

17+ Years

Most Sought After For

Novice Initiation, Taboo Psychoerotic Role Play/Mindfucks, Traditional or “Old Fashioned” Punishment.

Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.

General Availability

Variable with Notice

Personal Pronouns



October 19 (Libra)


“You are entirely different from Your peers.” – M.

“I feel a totally liberated self in me. There is a before and after in my life all thanks to you, Supreme Goddess. I am totally speechless and surprised by your thoroughness and expertise.” – S.

“You moved me into such an incredible state of submission so quickly and kept me there throughout our time together. You suspended time for me, making only You and Your actions my everything. And Your ability at the end of the session to have me feel so safe, secure, and wanted. You are a Healer Shahrazad and through this experience I clearly understand this now.” -J.

“I can't make it clear enough that this isn't a standard "Thanks for the session!" email, but a genuine commendation for an exceptionally transcendent experience. There is no doubt that I will contact You again in the future for another session, and in the meantime, I felt it was important to thank You for making one of my dreams become a reality.” -S.

“You are one of the most caring and unique individuals I have ever met. The connection in our sessions is real and I value that you are willing to take me on journeys that will expand my self actualization.” -B.

“Thank you so much for a sore burning bottom, and heart-pounding memories. The physical reminders You left me with lingered a few days while your beauty, demeanour, intelligence, empathy and, of course, strict correction are seared into me. The long spanking You gave me with Your hairbrush was particularly challenging, and so was my favourite.” – P.

“I sat on Your couch while W/we discussed my needs, and You took psychological control in an awesome way, really getting inside my head and making me feel that I had no privacy from You, that I had to confess everything to You, even my most embarrassing fantasies and needs and experiences; You responded by projecting a deep, if stern and almost step-motherly psychological knowledge and command - You seem to see so deeply into a man like me! You were frightening in a way that made me feel like a child in Your power. I have never felt so psychologically and spiritually naked, needy, and vulnerable with such a masterful woman before.” -J.