The Fetishization of Medical Scenes by Headmistress Shahrazad

The Fetishization of Medical Scenes

By Headmistress Shahrazad

In over 15 years as a professional dominatrix, I’ve done a lot of medical-themed play. The “clinic” at the Ritual Chamber is one of our most popular rooms and hosts a regular roster of role-play exams and simulated procedures. We have various pumps, clamps, and dental gags, tweezers, sounds, tongue depressors, electro-play devices, hospital restraints, disposable piercing needles, dental gags, Wartenberg Wheels, disposable enema kits, a straitjacket for psychiatric scenes, and of course, an exam table with stirrups. Clients say it’s nicer than their real doctor’s office.

There are many reasons people are drawn to medical play, but a common one is the attempt to re-explore a past medical trauma or unpleasant situation, only this time with a sense of control. Some medical fetishists I have played with spent a lot of time in their childhood and adolescence being treated for various health conditions with no control over the experience of what was happening to their bodies. They’ve found that re-creating those types of experiences as an adult in a more pleasurable and consensual context helps them to heal from the physical and psychological memories of things that were done to them (e.g. the lack of privacy, the humiliation of being checked on when naked, the invasive or painful procedures). Being in that environment can feel helpless and scary but exploring it in the context of BDSM (Bondage/Discipline/Dominance/Submission/Sadism/Masochism) means that the terms are explicitly agreed to beforehand, giving the person a sense of agency that they may not have felt in the original context.

Another common reason why some people enjoy medical fetishism has to do with the strict taboos that surround when and where nudity and bodily touching is permissible or prohibited. Most people are socialized to the idea that certain parts of the body are private, but that in a medical context, with a doctor or other medical professional, it’s ok for them to be touched for medical reasons. The problem is that the body is still the body - it doesn’t necessarily make the distinction that the mind makes between physical contact for an erotic purpose and physical contact for a medical purpose. Sometimes people don’t know how to feel in medical situations because the only other time someone has touched them in that way is a sexual partner. So, the potential is there for medical eroticization, even though - or perhaps because - in a professional environment it’s strictly prohibited. The engagement in medical role play outside of a legitimate medical environment, with a consenting play partner, gives people an outlet to explore those conflicting feelings.

Others have a latex fetish, and enjoy the many creative latex sheaths and barriers that are common in a medical environment. The feeling and smell of a “doctor” slowly snapping on a pair of smooth rubber gloves is enough to make many a fetishist wildly excited. And then there are those with a fetish for vintage medical paraphernalia, for whom the presence of genuine equipment used decades ago in legitimate healthcare settings is the main determinant of their arousal.

Although the mock medical scenes that we enact at the Ritual Chamber are for entertainment purposes only and should not take the place of actual medical care, we keep them as true to form as possible, helping you enact your medical fantasies in a milieu that feels authentic. Contact us today and explore your “medfet” fantasies to your heart’s content!

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