Headmistress Shahrazad

Headmistress Shahrazad is an award-winning Dominatrix of mixed Middle Eastern and European descent, with over 14 years of experience playing cat and mouse games within the complex psychological realm of power exchange. Her cunning mind, seductive prowess, endless creativity and empathic sensitivity have boggled the minds and won over the loyalty of many a submissive over the years. Caution: Highly addictive.

Experience in BDSM

17+ Years

Most Sought After For

Novice Initiation, Taboo Psychoerotic Role Play/Mindfucks, Traditional or “Old Fashioned” Punishment.

Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.

General Availability

Variable with Notice

Personal Pronouns



October 19 (Libra)


“I was stunned by Headmistress Shahrazad’s dark beauty combined with a devilishly wicked "look" She would send down to me while inflicting the most magical sensations I have ever experienced. She is the most compelling and irresistible, yet enigmatic woman, I have ever encountered.” C.