MUST BE 18+. We practice risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

We DO NOT provide sexual services, nor intimate body worship. Activities involving actual non-consent, children, animals, scat, blood, and hot wax are also not permitted in The Ritual Chamber. (Please note that not all Dominants enjoy all activities. Inquire for more details.)


Chastity & Keyholding

Denial is the name of the game when it comes to chastity and keyholding, and there are a variety of items on the market which can be used to achieve that denial. Some submissives desire to feel that their arousal is no longer within their control, offering it to their Dominant to have authority over. Others feel that arousal is irrelevant to a BDSM scene which should be about their Dominant’s desires and not their own. Periods of consensual chastity can range from the duration of a scene to several weeks, or even longer. We recommend that you purchase and bring your own device to incorporate into your play as they are rarely one size fits all.

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