MUST BE 18+. We practice risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

We DO NOT provide sexual services, nor intimate body worship. Activities involving actual non-consent, children, animals, scat, blood, and hot wax are also not permitted in The Ritual Chamber. (Please note that not all Dominants enjoy all activities. Inquire for more details.)


Extended and overnight sessions

Some people find that an hour or two is simply not enough to create the immersive BDSM experience they are seeking, and they wish to extend their session beyond four hours into a full day, overnight, 24 hour, or multiple day experience. This is entirely possible to do at The Ritual Chamber. We do, however, require a minimum of two weeks notice to ensure that the dungeon is free for the time you’d like to block it off for. The client is responsible for paying for the cost of food for the Dominant for sessions longer than 8 hours so they can focus entirely on your session needs.

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