MUST BE 18+. We practice risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

We DO NOT provide sexual services, nor intimate body worship. Activities involving actual non-consent, children, animals, scat, blood, and hot wax are also not permitted in The Ritual Chamber. (Please note that not all Dominants enjoy all activities. Inquire for more details.)


Human Furniture

The desire to explore being or using a person as “furniture” falls into the category of an “objectification fetish”. The submissive is dehumanized and treated in the same way an inanimate object would be. If they wish to be a chair the Dominant may sit on them, if they wish to be a footstool or carpet the Dominant may rest their feet on them, if they want to be a table the Dominant may rest their tea cup and saucer on their back. Often the “furniture” must remain silent and hold whatever position they are placed in.

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