MUST BE 18+. We practice risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

We DO NOT provide sexual services, nor intimate body worship. Activities involving actual non-consent, children, animals, scat, blood, and hot wax are also not permitted in The Ritual Chamber. (Please note that not all Dominants enjoy all activities. Inquire for more details.)

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Role Play

Role Play options are vast, and involve each adult taking on a role that they wish to enact within a scene. Like an adult form of make-believe, any reality can thus be created and explored. Common role play scenarios that clients ask for include Teacher/student, Doctor/patient, Boss/employee, Evil Vixen or Superheroine/hapless victim, Auntie/nephew, Babysitter/charge, Mommy or Daddy/adult “little”, Trainer or Handler/puppy/pony, and Nun/Sunday school student, amongst many others.

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