10 Reasons Why Subby Guys Are Hot by Lady Pim

1.  They're not afraid to look silly.

 So many men miss out on life, for fear that someone will laugh at them.  It's one of the male population's biggest anxieties.  Imagine the things in your grasp if you not only saw failing as another step towards success and happiness, but actually embraced the silly, the absurd, and the 'weird'.  Subby guys hire women to humiliate them:  Let that sink in for a second.  They have such a leg up on vanilla and Dommy men, by putting aside the swaggering masculine instinct and embracing the pursuit of true pleasure.


2.  They are better allies to women.

The only time a subby guy will tolerate the word 'pussy' in relation to someone who is weak, is when their Mistress flips their own internalized masogynistic script on them, and calls them a pussy for whimpering while taking a beating.  Subby men are not afraid of the strength of women, and tend to realize that if anything is cowardly, it's toxic masculity.  Pro Domming is one of the only professions where women make an hourly wage that rivals those of old, rich, white men.  When a man hires a Professional Dominatrix, he is supporting powerful women everywhere.  And when he tips??  Look out.        


3.  They are better listeners.

Because if they don't listen to what their Mistress is saying, they'll get a flogging.  Most subs have undergone some sort of obedience training, and have developed skills that make them hyper aware of their Domme's needs, their own bodies, and their surroundings.  Subs pay attention.  And if they make mistakes, it just creates a learning experience to listen a little harder next time.


4.  They're better in bed.

Subby guys have already thrown out traditional gender roles when it comes to sex and sexuality.  This means, that they already have access to a pool of pleasure and play that most of the male population feel too much stigma to explore.  They are colouring with all the crayons in the box.  And then you can melt them down, and do some really pretty wax play!


5.  They're better in relationships.

Good subs aren't afraid to be emotionally connected and vulnerable in a scene.  For many, that's the whole point of praticing their kink.  Subspace can be defined as 'surrendering to the feelings of the scene, both physical and emotional'.  They're not just going through the motions.  Many scenes are designed with therapeutic purposes in mind, and self reflection is no stranger to a good sub.  Because of this, subby folks are often familiar with communicating what they need in an emotional context outside of kinky play, too.      


6.  They're cute as hell.

They just are.


7.  They have 'Small Dick Energy'.

'Small Dick Energy' is so much better than 'Big Dick Energy', let me tell you!  It means they're aware a big dick, fit body, and traditionally handsome face are all nice to look at, but often hinder men from being decent partners in the long run.  Hot guys don't necessarily need to try very hard, and can often be quite useless both in bed and out.  Men with small dicks... Put. In. The. Work.  I'll repeat it for the folks in the back: Be confident in your small dick and non-conventional looks, because you can offer women so much more than just a pretty face.


8.  They know how to treat women.

Not only will a subby man be there to hold a door open or give her a foot message, but he will be able to see her for the powerful entity she is.  Rest assured, a subby man will shower her respect, trust, and loyalty.  He will happily be the man behind the woman (who isn't uncomfortable being under her from time to time, as well).  But if you're the Dominant in the relationship, make sure you are commuicating what you need him to do.  Subs are very intuitive, but not mind readers.  Establishing some low protocol can help with this.  Would you like to be greeted with a kiss on the hand, and a mug of warm coffee every morning?  Me too.


9.  He won't be a control freak.

Most subs engage in BDSM in order to hand over their responsibilities to someone else for a while.  Many of them are experts at giving their keys to a woman (Sometimes literally. Re: Chastity Play).  Yes, there are subs who want every word of a scene to be meticulously scripted, but let's be honest, once the scene begins, the sub is at the complete mercy of the whim of their Domme/Dom.  The sub is going to get surprised.  They have to go with the flow.  All they need to do, is be present in the moment.  And for many people, that's what's so attractive about D/s dynamics.        


10.  They have a more nuanced understanding of consent.

The per centage of bottoms who experience violations of consent far outweigh folks who are tops.  Though this is not true for absolutely every top in every situation, but most who feel personally uncomfortable or triggered, will discontinue their current action.  The person receiving, or the 'bottom', has a less direct path when they need a scene to stop or slow down.  They need to be in constant communication with their top/Domme/Dom about their mental, physical, and emotional state.  If they're a good sub, they won't be afraid to use their safe words.  They'll usually be much more forthcoming about when they're experiencing pleasure, as well.  And because they've been in your stereotypical shoes, being on the receiving end of play, subs/bottoms will be more in tune to limits and boundaries outside of the dungeon, too.

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