5 Reasons to Keep Calm and Experiment with your Prostate By Mistress Ophira

5 Reasons to Keep Calm and Experiment with your Prostate

By Mistress Ophira


1. It's about living your full erotic potential

 Biology, God, or whatever you would like to call the many creative forces of our wonderful universe gave you a body. And that body has a whole lot of capacity for pleasure-- a capacity which most certainly shouldn't be limited to your genitals! In a world where so many things can cause distress, discomfort, and pain, why not take some time to experiment with the many positive sensations your body is capable of? Contrary to popular opinion, curiosity did not actually kill the cat, but it did let him experience multiple orgasms.


2. Repressive social norms are a poor reason to not act on your desires

 How many times have you encountered guys who are so stuck on their fear of doing anything that seems “feminine” or “gay” that they end up behaving like complete jackasses? In the words of Frank Herbert, “fear is the mind killer.” People who base their actions on fear and insecurity end up leading small, unfulfilled lives, and that's a fate I wouldn't wish on anyone. When you're comfortable in your skin and honor your desires, it opens up whole worlds of possibility. You can be 100% straight and love taking the strap from a hot woman. You can also be bi-curious and want to experiencing penetration without taking the plunge of having your first experience with another man! All of this and more is totally normal, healthy, and nothing to be ashamed of.


3. Many women appreciate a versatile, adventurous partner

 When you know more about your own body, that makes you a better lover. Period. If you think enjoying prostate play will make you a freak or less attractive in the eyes of “normal” women, you might be surprised! Personally, I've known women from many different walks of life who are either open to or quite excited by the idea of penetrating a male partner. Also, being on the receiving end of the strap (whether it's oral worship or ass play) can give you a better idea of how to make penetrating a partner more sensuous and pleasurable for them.


4. It's good for your health

 The evidence is largely anecdotal, but quite a few studies now support prostate massage being helpful for prostatitis, painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and more. A dildo a day keeps the doctor away!


5. Because you can

 In other times, it would have been nearly impossible to find toys, information, or a safe and skilled professional to help you experiment with prostate play. As society slowly becomes more liberated regarding sexuality, we've gained a wealth of freedoms which should not be squandered. There's a whole world of possibilities out there, and ways to explore your sexuality in a professional environment are more accessible than ever. Many people fought hard for an end to things like “sodomy laws” and extreme censorship of sexual materials-- what better way to appreciate your freedom than with some toe-curling, face-melting prostate pleasure?

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