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Spank-A-Thon for Sexual Freedom

The current political situation in the US is presenting a serious challenge to the sexual freedoms of American citizens, with everything from reproductive rights to gender identity to sex work under attack. The Ritual Chamber dungeon and Kink Toronto invite you to join us for a Spank-a-Thon to raise funds for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation ( ), currently the "only national human rights organization that focuses on protecting sexual freedom and ending sexual violence".

There are many ways to get involved! Spankings will be administered by the lovely and talented professional dominants of The Ritual Chamber at a minimum donation of $1 a spank, or $5 to choose a wild card (5 to 50 spanks). If you want to donate but don't want to be spanked yourself, designated bottoms will be on hand to happily take the spankings for you. If you’re really eager, you can even pre-prepare by asking your friends to contribute donations – then invite them all to come and watch as you get (or our designated bottom gets) the consequences! Refreshments, photo op’s, and other fun shenanigans will ensue.

All proceeds from spankings will be donated to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, and will be accepted in cash only. If you believe in sexual freedom as a basic human right, please join us for a good cause and let's send our southern neighbours some reinforcements!