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Practical Chastity for People with Penises - with Darren Infinity

December 1, 2-4:00pm – “Practical Chastity for People with Penises”

“Lock me up and throw away the key!” So many of us fantasize about chastity, whether as an occasional spice or a main part of our relationships. In this class we’ll talk about the gear options, the mental options, and how to do chastity safely with people with penises. We’ll spend some time dispelling some myths and sharing how hot and fun this play can be.

Facilitated by: Darren Infinity

Darren is an enthusiastic bisexual queer pervert based out of Toronto, Ontario. He loves to facilitate discussions about making our relationships richer and our play hotter, with a particular focus on power exchange relationships and play. In his classes, Darren focuses on providing participants practical tools to communicate about the kind of dynamics, play and sex that they want.

$40 per person