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The Art of Discrete Public Kink

The Art of Discrete Public Kink

with Headmistress Shahrazad

The fantasy of being able to enact kink scenes in public is extremely common, and quite hot. But without the law on our side nor the explicit consent of those who may accidentally happen upon the scene, doing so can be extremely problematic. Not to worry, because this workshop will teach you a myriad of discrete ways of conducting public play that are creative, ingenious, and won’t get you arrested for public indecency. Shahrazad will use practical examples drawn from discrete public scenes she’s conducted over 15 years as a Pro, so you can benefit from the insights she gained without having to make the same mistakes! Leave with an understanding of the motivations behind public play, the risks you take when doing so, and a laundry list of hot scenes that you can try on your way home.

Time: 7-9:30pm

Location: Disclosed upon registration

Fee: $40

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