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Femme Fetishization


Femme Fetishization

with Knotasha

Do you love and admire the “femme” aesthetic, perhaps so much so that you have fetishized it? The feminine aesthetic is indeed captivating, whether strong, dainty, supple, voluptuous, covered up, barely there, primped, wild, cinched, free, natural or enhanced. This class will explore common “femme” associations and teach you “femme” aesthetic (body, hair, and accoutrements including accessories), femme mannerisms (lying down, sitting, standing, walking), and “femme” accentuation (using lipstick, nail polish, piercings, corsets, lingerie, hobble skirts, posture collars, high heels, ballet boots, and catsuits). You will also learn how to discover your own unique version of “femme” expression. People of all genders are welcome at this workshop!

Time: 1-3:00pm

Location: Disclosed upon registration

Fee: $40

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