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Creative Anal Play in D/s: The Next Frontier

Creative Anal Play in D/s: The Next Frontier

with Headmistress Shahrazad

If you know anal play can be fun, have gotten over the eww factor and have a basic idea of how to do it safely, then you’re ready to bump up your level of butt knowledge! This intermediate-level workshop will explore a myriad of ways in which anal play can be used to build intimacy and trust AND deepen the power differential in your D/s dynamic. We will explore the symbolism of anal play and why it is such a powerful indicator of submission and surrender, and then delve into the ways anal play can be incorporated into your power exchange. The workshop will introduce participants to the delicious play potential of enemas, anal stretching, pegging, figging, washroom protocol, fisting, electro butt plugs,  puppy/fox/bunny tail plugs, and more.

Time: 1-3:30pm

Location: Disclosed upon registration

Fee: $40

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Earlier Event: May 26
Introduction to Protocol