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Service Submission 101


Service Submission 101

with Darren Infinity

Service can be exciting and intimidating. Where do we start? How do we find someone to serve, and how do we negotiate that service? What makes for great service? In this class, Darren will talk about how to explore service as a submissive and how to create dynamics that work for is. Whether you’re interested providing the occasional afternoon of cleaning or a 24/7 dynamic, he’ll talk about:

  • ’Training’ - What it is and what it isn't

  • Assessing and improving skills and abilities

  • Finding opportunities to serve

  • Setting boundaries while giving up control at the same time

  • Anticipatory vs. directed service

  • Common missteps and misunderstandings

This class is open to attendees of all power orientations and dynamics, but will be taught from the submissive point of view.

Time: 1-3:00pm

Location: Disclosed upon registration

Fee: $40

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