Lady Pim

Lady Pim is an energetic and expressive Dominant, eager to entice folks of all genders to the very limits of pleasure and pain.  Equal parts playful and perverse, she enjoys nothing more than watching a submissive squirm.  Don't let her slight build and youthful appearance deceive you, this Lady skillfully delivers discipline, and has the powerful presence to bring you to your knees. 

Experience in BDSM

5+ Years

Most Sought After For

Role Play, Corporal Punishment, Sensation Play, Strap On Play, Trampling.

Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.

General Availability

Variable with notice

Personal Pronouns



June 14 (Gemini)


“I always look forward to a session with Lady Pim. She has an effervescent personality, a skilled hand, a rocking bod, and a quick mind. She always leaves me guessing in a scene, and wanting more after one.” -D


“Lady Pim uses dildos like they are her own appendages. She fulfills all my strap-on needs. Which are many.” -E  


“I'm interested in the sensation of spanking rather than the pain from it. I want to be objectified, but in an encouraging way. I want an air of nonchalance in the room. I want to feel scared out of my mind, but know I'm in a safe space. She understands all those nuances.” -M


“Lady Pim has a very caring way of beating the shit out of me.” -K