Mistress Ophira

Mistress Ophira is a complex and mysterious Domina of German and Irish descent. She weaves aggression with sensuality, power with generosity, and strength with nurturing to bend even the most willful submissives into obeying her commands and desires. Like the Goddess she will destroy your ego and illusions to recreate you anew in Her image.


April 3 (Aries)

Most Sought After For

Role Play, Humiliation Scenes, Pegging

General Availability

Variable with Notice


Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.


“The time I spent with Mistress Ophira was breathtaking – She is everything that I had hoped for in a Mistress. I left the session in a rush because the post-session euphoria had me dumbfounded and barely able to speak.” C.