Mistress Ophira

Playful, mocking, and devious, Mistress Ophira loves nothing more than using her wit and creativity to cut even the most defiant submissives down to size. Don't be fooled by her warm, outgoing demeanor: beneath the mischievous sparkle of her eyes lies a world of perverse surprises.


11+ Years

Most Sought After For

Role Play, Humiliation Scenes, Pegging.

Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.

General Availability

Variable with Notice

Personal Pronouns



April 3 (Aries)


“The time I spent with Mistress Ophira was breathtaking – She is everything that I had hoped for in a Mistress. I left the session in a rush because the post-session euphoria had me dumbfounded and barely able to speak.” C.

"As I was leaving, I wanted nothing more than to turn around and walk right back in to practice my lady strut... I would like nothing more than to explore more of my feminine side with you." N.

"The sound of your voice and the scent of your feet still linger in my mind. Guess that’s what happens when one is gasping for air .... And I wouldn’t have it any other way." J.

"You are the real deal, beautiful and down to earth yet more than capable of kicking some serious ass." A.