Sophia Scarlet

Sophia Scarlet is a talented and sensual rope Top (5 years of experience) and enjoys switching for rope-focused scenes (can include other types of play such as impact, sensory deprivation or sensation play).

But don't let her diabolical Top keep you from her feisty bottom! (She's a pretty heavy masochist to boot ;p) Her years in kink have nurtured a very personal approach to play, in which she embraces her playful inner kitten, while pouring all her attention and affection into a scene, whether as your Top or bottom.

Her pleasure in play comes from making you happy- you’ll find that sometimes she’ll beg and sometimes she’ll egg you on, but she’ll always give as much of herself as you can handle.

Sophia is available as a bottom/masochist for DUOS ONLY with another TRC Dominant. This can look like you (as a submissive client) serving one of the TRC Dominants alongside her, or you (as a Dominant client) co-topping her alongside another TRC Dominant*.


*The TRC Dominant makes the final call on all scene proceedings when co-topping Sophia with a Dominant client.

*As a rope Top, she is available for 1 on 1 work with submissive clients/clients who'd like to bottom.

Experience in BDSM

5+ years

Most Sought After For

Skilled in most basic and advanced forms of BDSM and Fetish play.

General Availability

Variable with notice

Personal Pronouns



October 25 (Scorpio)


"Sophia Scarlet is a superlative human. I've bottomed for her for rope suspension, as well as topped her for an intensely fun fire scene. She's a clear communicator and pre-scene negotiation with her was well done and suitable for the play that we did. Her rope skills are wonderful and she ties both with technical aptitude and a playful energy. I especially appreciated her creativity in the scenes we've done and they way she improvised and adapted the ties as the suspension progressed. Her responses to my input were quick and confident and didn't break the flow of the tie any more than necessary. I am sad that she's not local anymore and anyone would be fortunate to have the opportunity to play or scene with her." - B.M.


"Sophia Scarlet was so much fun to play with! She was an excellent communicator and expressed her limits very cohesively. We played around with some rough rope, where I crudely tied her up, beat her with my fists and feet, and enjoyed her little moans as I dragged the rope over her skin. She was delightfully responsive. It was a very fun scene and she was open and honest about safewords, hard limits and aftercare. I would definitely play with her again!" - K.S.


"A beautiful, intelligent, playful and conscientious lady, who takes her rope, and play, seriously, regardless if she’s playing from the top or bottom. Never loses perspective on the importance of the journey." - D.B.