What Kind of People Visit A Professional Dominant? By Headmistress Shahrazad

Thanks to the internet, professional BDSM services are more accessible to the public than ever before. While this is an excellent development, it has left many wondering whether contacting a Pro is a feasible option for “someone like them”. The widespread assumption that professional BDSM is associated with unsavory elements of society lingers, as does the link between dungeons and dark, dirty basements filled with cobwebs and shackles. Another, even more damaging myth is that the kind of people who hire professionals are those on the fringes, mentally ill or otherwise unstable, who engage in extreme forms of self-harm or self-loathing.

I can tell you with assurance, having seen thousands of clients over the span of my career, that this simply isn’t the case. Who are the clients of professional dominants? I can’t speak for other pros, but I can tell you that over a career spanning 15 years I have facilitated BDSM sessions for construction workers, CEOs, lawyers, religious clergy, LGBTQ folks, investment bankers, school teachers, film production people, chefs, recent immigrants to Canada, real estate agents, married couples, electronic music artists, government officials, people ranging in age from 20 to 90, travellers from every continent, truck drivers, new parents, cancer survivors, retired people, award-winning authors, accountants, single women, photographers, physicians and entrepreneurs, and that is only a small sample.

In truth, people from all walks of life and all facets of “mainstream” society use our services. If you walked down a busy urban street one day, any one of those people could be a client. An interest in kink/BDSM is no longer necessarily a shameful secret to keep hidden – large percentages of people fantasize about power dynamics, and more and more are seeking out skilled professionals to facilitate their experiences.

It is also important to know that a BDSM fantasy doesn’t have to be “extreme” or pain-focused to warrant contacting us. Some people simply have a foot fetish. Some want to role play a superhero fantasy. Some want an appreciative audience while they put on makeup and model lingerie. Some don’t know what they want and use their session to explore a whole bunch of different activities so they can learn about what they like. Some have partners who are uncomfortable with their specific kinks and so visit us to get their needs met. All are entirely valid reasons to contact a Pro Dominant.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to exploring with you!

The Ritual Chamber