Five Reasons Why Couples Can (and Do!) Visit the Ritual Chamber By Headmistress Shahrazad

Five Reasons Why Couples Can (and Do!) Visit the Ritual Chamber

By Headmistress Shahrazad

There used to be a strong misconception that accessing the services of a professional dungeon was the sole purview of secretly kinky individuals who had nowhere else to access their BDSM needs and desires. And while that may be true for some who seek out professional BDSM services, couples (and folks in other committed relationship configurations) are forming an increasingly significant number of those who frequent establishments such as ours. Far from being some kind of shady, underground scene, professional dungeons such as The Ritual Chamber offer services in a clean, discrete, fully equipped space that can contribute positively to the intimacy within your relationship(s). Here are five good reasons why couples can (and do!) visit our dungeon. If any of them resonate with you, get in touch today to see how we can best meet your specific needs.

1. To have a space where they can dedicate quality intimate time for each other away from the kids.

One of the biggest challenges for some couples raising kids is that it can be difficult to carve out private uninterrupted time for the kind of kinky and intimate play that you want to be having. In addition, the chance of having your adult toys and equipment “discovered” is enough to make many parents who are into BDSM think twice about playing at home, depending on whether or not they’re ready to risk having some potentially challenging conversations. Renting out The Ritual Chamber guarantees you a pre-determined period of time when you can leave the kids at home with a babysitter and focus on each other, with five theme rooms, dungeon equipment, and hundreds of kinky toys at your disposal.

2. To fulfill each other’s fantasies on their own or with the assistance of a skilled professional.

Sharing and exploring one’s deepest erotic/kinky fantasies with a partner can be a profound way to increase intimacy within a relationship. We get to witness and enjoy facets of our lovers that can mystify, delight and awe us in their difference from the usual roles we play with each other. Many couples have shared that the ambiance at The Ritual Chamber piques the erotic imagination, lending inspiration to their fantasy exploration.

Sometimes, our partners (or we) may desire to explore a fantasy which seems a little out of reach due to a lack of skill or knowledge on one or both people’s parts. Or we may just want to spice things up by embarking on a shared adventure. In both these cases, booking a session as a couple with one of our skilled BDSM professionals can address either of these scenarios. By aligning themselves with your goals, intentions, boundaries and desires as a couple, our staff ensure that their participation is kept to the degree of involvement that you are comfortable

with, helping you have the kind of experiences you want while avoiding awkwardness or undesired input.

3. To learn new BDSM skills that they want to translate into their play.

Some couples are quite content playing on their own but want to increase their BDSM skill set so when they do play, they can hold the strongest, safest space for each other. With these kinds of couples, the dungeon becomes an interactive classroom as we explore skill development in a fun, low-pressure, experiential way. Most beginner, some intermediate and some advanced skills can all be explored from psychological, emotional, physical and/or erotic angles. Couples discuss with each other what they’d most like to learn, then send us a list of topics they’d like to have covered. The number of educational sessions required depends on the pace of each couple’s skill acquisition as well as the number and simplicity of topics chosen.

4. To understand more about the psychology of kink or how a scene plays out.

When couples who are relatively new to the scene begin exploring kink together, the focus can be very much on “doing things” at first: giving a spanking, tying a person up, popping a gag in, etc. However, the frequent sentiment from such couples is that while that initial experimentation can be interesting, it isn’t quite as satisfying as they thought it might be. And they wouldn’t be wrong - BDSM is a mental game before it is anything physical at all. Setting the right psychological stage for the experience is 75-80% of what can make it powerful and transformative. If you feel that you are just going through the motions with your kink and want to take it to the next level, we can help you gain a solid understanding of the underlying “why” behind the “what”, helping you bring a whole new level of intentionality and power to your BDSM play.

5. To work through misunderstandings or challenges related to one person being kinky and the other not.

When it comes to couples and sexuality, we often hear about the idea of “discrepancies in desire” when it comes to differing sex drives, but rarely does anyone speak about the unique challenges that come from being a kinky person in a loving relationship with someone who is not similarly inclined. These kinds of couples are being offered an opportunity to come to understand, honour and respect each other’s differences, but the road to that point can often feel fraught with shame, miscommunications, expectations, frustration, dishonesty and other blocks. Fortunately there is a way back to harmony – I have worked with many, many couples in this situation, helping them to rebuild intimacy and understanding in a way that does not require the kinky person to deny who they are, and in a way that does not require the non-kinky person to cross any of their fixed boundaries. Your relationship is worth giving it a shot!

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